Gamma Iota Takes on PBLI

What was your favorite part about PBLI?

"Networking with brothers from other schools." 
- Lindsay Moyer

"My favorite part of PBLI was listening to the two keynote speakers. They were both intriguing and gave great insight on leadership, growth, and entrepreneurship."
- Ali Watch
"Ever since I was an intern I heard how amazing PBLI was and knew I had to go. PBLI was a great experience because I had the chance to practice networking and getting to know what other chapters are doing." 
- Mikaela Minor

What stood out the most about PBLI?


"Watching our own brother's confidence in sharing what our chapter strives in with other chapters."
- Lindsay Moyer
"'AKPsi is a safe place to fail.' One of the keynote speakers stated this during their session, and I could not agree more. Students across the nation rush AKPsi to find a family on campus to develop their professional development. Brothers would not be who they are today unless they failed at some point in their life. AKPsi allows you to fail, without fear of being rejected- rather your family helps you turn your failure into a learning lesson.
- Ali Watch
"I was SHOOK when I saw 30 brothers came from all the way from Missouri. Their commitment stood out to me."
-Mikaela Minor

How would you describe PBLI to someone who is planning to attend in the future?


"It is a weekend to grow as an individual brother and as a brotherhood"
- Lindsay Moyer
"PBLI is a student-focused conference. It will allow you to self-reflect on your own leadership and professional development while networking with other chapters and full-time AKPsi employees to further develop your chapter"
- Ali Watch
"PBLI is a two-day convention where various AKPSi members meet and exchange knowledge and skills. It is a great way to network and figure out ways to make your current chapter better. For example, Indiana University has a strong corporate sponsorship connection. They have an updated booklet they send to corporations with set plans and instructions on how corporations can collaborate with their Greek organization" 
- Mikaela Minor

Alpha Kappa Psi Takes On Loyola's Accounting Internship Fair

During the second week of spring semester, Loyola University Chicago’s Accounting Department collaborated with Quinlan’s Business Career Services to host an internship fair for accounting students seeking winter positions the following year. Taking place in Schreiber Center’s Wintrust Hall, the event began with Department Chair Brian Stanko detailing the benefits of holding an internship during the spring semester as opposed to during the summer. He also explained that Loyola has begun to accommodate students taking the semester off from academics. Students can enroll in ACCT 305, which allows the internship to count for 6 credit hours towards general electives. Professor Thomas Zeller also spoke about a condensed, online course that may be taken during the internship. This course counts for 3 accounting credit hours and is focused on educating students about software and programs used by firms. Students who obtain a winter internship also have the opportunity to get 9 credit hours instead of fully taking the semester off.

A panel of Loyola students who have recently held winter internships followed Professor Stanko and Professor Zeller. They spoke of their expectations, experiences, and plans for the future regarding completing their undergraduate degrees and professional aspirations.

When the student panel had answered all the questions posed by Chelsea Donahue from Career Services, I went with the other students to meet recruiters in order to network and learn more about the available positions for next year. Representatives from Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Plante Moran, ORBA, Ernst & Young, Baker Tilly, BKD, Grant Thorton, and Wipfli told us about their companies, provided business cards and information sheets, received resumes, and learned more about the students hoping to join their companies. Having gone through resume and business card workshops hosted by my business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, I felt confident in how I presented on paper. However, networking is a soft skill, and is more difficult to perfect than emailing someone your polished resume. Even so, my experience attending professional events hosted by AKPsi helped calm my nerves and made me feel prepared for this opportunity. Luckily, the recruiters and employees of the firms were friendly and informative, making networking easier than I anticipated.

The Winter Internship Fair was an impactful event that allows students personal time with those who can vouch for them within companies. It also provided more details about how Loyola works to accommodate these advantageous opportunities. As students we are fortunate to have functions and organizations to not only help us improve our professional presentation, but to also begin creating connections to companies which we hope to join.

Written by Lauren Hansen

Get To Know Our Newly Elected President Ben Kilberg

Our Gamma Iota President Ben Kilberg reflects on what he loves about Alpha Kappa Psi, and where he sees our chapter going over the next year. Get to know Ben a little better with this Q&A:

Major - Information Systems

Minor - Spanish Language and Information Technology

Year in School - Junior

Hometown - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pledge Semester - Fall 2014

What are your other activities/hobbies outside of AKPsi?

Outside of AKPsi I love to ski, explore Chicago, try new restaurants, and spend time with family/friends.

Why did you rush AKPsi?

I rushed AKPsi because I was looking for a community on campus that aligned with my personal and professional goals. I was also looking for a tight knit family that I know would always be there to support me and push me to grow.

How as AKPsi shaped your professional life? 

Since I rushed as a freshman, I have developed my professional skills exponentially, and I'm still growing. An AKPsi brother helped me secure my internship this past summer, and the countless networking opportunities have allowed me to nail down my professional brand. Before AKPsi I had barebones resumes, cover letters, linkedin, etc. Now, I feel comfortable in my ability to tailor these things effectively in my job/internship search.

What is your favorite AKPsi event?

My favorite event in AKPsi is our fall brotherhood retreat. Getting to know brothers on a more personal level and learning about their motivations is one of the most valuable experiences that I've had to date.

Has studying abroad strengthened your professional soft skills?

Definitely. Studying abroad in Spain pushed me far outside of my comfort zone, which I feel is so important to experience in order to improve your global-awareness as a professional. Learning to work with individuals across cultural and language barriers is increasingly necessary and valuable in the workplace.

What are you excited about for the coming year?

From new faculty member initiations to exciting alumni events, this semester is already looking promising. I look forward to a year full of continuous growth and improvement on both the individual and chapter level.

Where are we currently, where do you want to go, and how are we going to get there?

Our chapter is at a pivotal point. Over the past year, our focus has been on working with Loyola to make sure that we are a conforming organization free from policy violations. Our new and improved relationship with the school has already opened doors to countless opportunities, but has proven to be quite a challenge as well. While we are still finding our balance, my focus this semester will be to empower all of the leaders and brothers in the chapter to achieve at their highest potential, yet have a memorable and enjoyable experience along the way.

Why should other people rush AKPsi?

If you are looking for a brotherhood that can offer you unrivaled benefits on campus, AKPsi is for you. We are the only co-ed professional fraternity open to all majors. We are the largest and oldest professional fraternity, and we currently have over 90 brothers. This enables us to have a diverse network that is bound by underlying personal and professional goals. Brothers enjoy countless professional development, service, networking, and social activities throughout the semester. Words on a page are one thing, but I invite anybody to come meet our brothers and see what we are all about.

Ben Kilberg

President, Alpha Kappa Psi - Gamma Iota

Loyola University Chicago '18