Meet Our Newly Elected President

A new Spring Semester at Loyola University Chicago, brings a new President in office for the Gamma Iota chapter. Craig Paulson ('17) hopes to build on the chapter's past successes of winning Chapter of the year, as well as the many individual accomplishments of its members. Mr. Paulson looks to instill an increased community feel within the chapter he has known as his Loyola Home since rushing in Fall 2013. He wears many different hats as president of Gamma Iota, ranging from mediator, executive board member, spokesman to Loyola's SAGA; overall, he represents what Alpha Kappa Psi means on Loyola's campus. Gamma Iota looks to the future as our new leadership, continues to improve our chapter daily.

We invite you to find your transformation and rush Alpha Kappa Psi.

The following provides a glimpse into Craig Paulson's life on campus:

Name: Craig Paulson

Majoring in Economics/Finance, minor in Theology

Year: Junior

Hometown:  Libertyville, IL

Pledge Semester: Fall 2013


What other activities are you involved in at Loyola?

I am a member of the Business Honors Program, participate in Campus Companions as well as the Loyola 360 retreat program helping Freshmen transition into college. I am also involved in an upcoming conference at Georgetown University focused on Economic and Catholic Social Teaching.

What are your interests or hobbies?

Tennis, Golf, Basketball, and especially attending Loyola sporting events

What does Alpha Kappa Psi mean to you?

At the end of the day, it is pretty much a home. There are lots of aspects to a home; people argue over disagreements, have different viewpoints, but everyone still is together looking out for each other. Everybody cares for each other with one main focus of becoming better business professional and friends.

Why did you rush Alpha Kappa Psi?

Originally I wanted to rush a social fraternity due to other friends from high school rushing fraternities around the country. I attended an AKPsi info session and found the best of both worlds, a great mix of social and professional. 

What is your favorite part about Alpha Kappa Psi?

The people and how each member has a unique story. Learning something new about a brother makes me better appreciate them as a brother and overall friend. Getting to know 90+ stories about Gamma Iota brothers, and from around the globe, is what makes Alpha Kappa Psi remarkable.

Why did you want to run for President?

Early in my Alpha Kappa Psi membership I knew I wanted to make a difference from a leadership perspective. Growing up I always wanted to be a leader in something. I want to show my love of Loyola and Alpha Kappa Psi in this special position. I know how good Gamma Iota is and am looking to make Gamma Iota even better.

What is your vision for the next year?

My main goal is the community or home aspect. I want to make Alpha Kappa Psi one unit and enhance the sense of solidarity between brothers. We have won chapter of the year externally but want to make an even bigger impact internally within our chapter.

What is the biggest thing you are looking forward to as President?

I am excited to keep the ball rolling as we start this semester. We already have lots of events planned thanks to our driven E-Board members and committee heads. I know this semester will be one of the best semesters we have ever had, especially because of our events and brothers involved.

Why should other people rush?

If you have not found your place at Loyola to call a home, I invite you to learn more about my home in Gamma Iota. This chapter is something I know will not only make you a better professional but an overall better person.